Find $10,000


We are hiding a $10,000 dollar treasure out in the middle of the wilderness and the best part is, we’re going to tell you how to find it.  All you need is a Premium Treasure Caching Account and a mobile device to receive our GPS coordinates and clues. These clues will be your guide on the ultimate geocaching adventure in search of the ultimate geocache. May the best man or woman win!


With your Premium account you will receive updates as the game approaches. A geocache is a physical container like a modern treasure chest. Its secret location is marked by a Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinate. Typically a geocache contains trinkets and a logbook for those who find it. A geocache filled with treasure is called a treasure cache. Our main treasure cache is filled with $10,000 US dollars or an item of that value. There is a second place cache with a $1,000 treasure and third place cache with a $500 treasure. We will give you the clues to find our caches. Think of this as the best the multi-cache and puzzle cache all combined. This is truly the ultimate geocaching adventure and you need no previous experience to win.


Once you have a Premium Treasure Caching account and the game begins, you will receive your first clue or set of coordinates. This first clue will direct you to the first cache. Once you have correctly arrived at this first cache, you will receive another clue guiding you to the next cache and so on. The location of the final coordinates will be the resting place of our $10,000 dollar geocache. Second and third place players will find coordinates to second and third place geocaches. Clues will come in the form of simple coordinates in the beginning. As the game continues, the clues will become increasingly more difficult and could include elements like puzzles, riddles and pictograms.

A trout with a bleeding throat and a river the Spanish called red


Start planning now. The game will begin on July 6th 2021. All players with a Premium Treasure Caching account will receive the coordinates to the first waypoint in our multi-cache game on their mobile device. Then, the hunt will begin. The game has been designed so that it can be completed within five days. This makes it perfect for individuals and families planning their summer 2021 geocaching vacation. Are you ready for a pre-game clue about the 10 thousand dollars’ secret location. It is buried somewhere in the mountains of a colorful state, home to a red river along where French trappers stored their gunpowder.


Geocaching Gear

  1. Your mobile device: Your mobile device will be your connection to the game and clues. You can also download GPS and compass apps to help you navigate to waypoint and geocache locations.
  2. Water bottle: Stay hydrated. July can be a hot time of year and you will need to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated on the geocache trail.
  3. First aid kit: Just incase the unexpected happens, it is always a good idea to be prepared while outdoors.
  4. Outdoor attire: Be ready for the elements. Having the proper clothing and footwear is the best way to insure that you won’t have to turn back while geocaching.
  5. Snacks: You may get hungry out there. For those who choose to camp, make it your own adventure and bring your favorite bites.
  6. Outdoor Gear: While out there looking for geocaches, you might find the perfect spot for your mountain bike or kayak. Don’t forget your fishing poles, rock climbing gear, camping gear and wheels.
  7. One of you will need a shovel (we break the rules once in a while).